Sunday, May 07, 2006

The increasingly worthless „socially-managed” arbeiter

Better that it all start with a nation of shopkeepers. However Germans work as much as Americans, but benefit less from it because taxes are such that services are costly. More tax=less income to spend, more tax=higher cost of services. Fewer Euros chasing fewer goods: ergo, the precursors of “stagflation”.

The untranslatable DIY for "Do it yourself" option becomes the only one for some when it comes to servicing a car or repairing a roof as a result. Common sense says hire an expert. An accountant's time is better spent not trying to be a mediocre roofer, were one free to choose to put in the extra effort.

The result is that is spent, and thus less money changes hands. Starting a business and creating jobs begins with spending some spare change here and there:

these differences in the allocation of time can be explained by differences in the incentive structure, this is by the taxwedge and differences in the wage differentials, as economic theory suggests.
What it suggests is that if you have some more productive skills that you should have a way to exercise them, and that it should not necessarily be ‘hammer time’.

A economic model that wants to dismantle the partition of labor will eventually succeed in taking us all back down the food chain.

The fuse is lit!

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