Tuesday, May 09, 2006

L'antisémitisme paie les bananes pour Dieudo

Nice profile on Dieudonné in Frontpage, although a few precisions are in order.

Dieudonnés mother is from Brittany, not Britain. She is French, not British.

The article mentions the fact that Dieudonnés bigger mainstream shows have been cancelled. It fails to mention that Dieudonné's shtick has, in large part, gone off the mainstream media radar, with sold out shows in France's now infamous no-go suburbs, the French Antilles, and in Algiers. The fact that his larger shows are routinely cancelled has only increased the popularity of the Café de la Main d'Or, Parisian theatre owned by Dieudonné's production company. The Café de la Main d'Or is now Dieudonné's regular Paris showcase and has been used as a rallying point for protests during last year's suburban riots, the cartoon jihad, and anytime that Paris' racaille population is feeling more oppressed than usual. Crowds gather in front of the theatre and head in the direction of the Place de la République.

One other factor not covered in the article is Dieudonné's recent media partnership with Alain Soral, French writer and fellow anti-Semitic, who has praised the 9-11 attacks and OBL in his writings.

Dieudonné was well received by the terrorist sympathizers at the UOIF congress this weekend, being called brother by the anti-Semitics that were running the show over there.

Fofana : fils de Dieudo

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