Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Fortress and the “Tempress”

May 9th is “Europe Day”, and the only theme/sales pitch that anyone can find plausible to the public of the most populous European states is sensuality.

No one here goes anywhere
Never reveal it, better conceal it
Take the files and make trash
A situation of despair
Somebody has got to calm the crowds
They conceive it, the press can feel it
They won't feel what's happening to them
Nation's faithful servants come undone mellow grapes of fear
Are they eager to be p-whipped into something that they rationally and consistently vote against?

In further wild rumpus on this sainted day, a tranny won the perennially crappy Eurovision Song Contest. How apt, since they went from that to fake quasi-dominatrix types in warring medieval peasant costumes who are more than ready than anyone else to dress like protect the fortress, or at least drag some big stud back to her hovel by the hair.

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