Thursday, September 08, 2005

Proclamations de bonnes intentions non suivies d'effet : Promises, Lies, and Silence

While American society is mired in lies, taboos, and hypocrisy, the good news is that the retarded Yanks (if only they would open their ears) can receive lessons in openness from the avant-garde élite of France…

(Incidentally, French pride in the superiority of their journalistic tradition and, indeed, of their entire society led me to write the following letter to Le Monde seven and a half years ago.)

In contrast to Americans, the French know they can trust their government and the world knows they can trust French expressions of die-hard principles and the willingness to fight for them.

In unrelated news, Le Monde published an interview with Gore Vidal, in which, among other things, the author calls himself a "born-again atheist".

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