Friday, September 09, 2005

Love and Sprockets

From Marc Cooper's archives that discusses some of the sickness which tags along with leftism: I've always suspected that there was an emotional emptiness to people who uncontrollably crave freaky sex – power and control as a form of amusement and emotional palliative.
« Hernandez’ not-so-well-written article, if I’m reading it correctly, seems to be a celebration of race-based sado-masochist sex in which black people get off being whipped and called “nigger” while others get their rocks off impersonating Auschwitz guards.

A product of the 6O’s, I really don’t care what people do to turn themselves on, it’s all fine by me. But the clear implication of this article and its distribution by AlterNet seem to strongly suggest that there is
something “progressive” about all this, something that lefties ought to embrace under their umbrella of»
It never dawned on me, however that some of those ‘progressive’ protestors who litter our streets might in their minds be wagging their bums in delight at the sight of certain symbols.

It's actually quite amusing how many peace protesters out there will advocate societal violence to seize power for a leftist minority, unable to consolidate it with the notion that they say they're doing it "for the people".

Only when they want to achieve their affection through forcable submission, or long to be used with neglect for the soul. Progressivism seems to try to found itself on the health of the mind and body. Maybe its' most violent advocates choose that path to coceal their disappointment in themselves. Personal liberties are part of a trusting and caring social philosophy, not something to reserve solely for oneself.

The actions are a symptom of a wayward soul – in this case being told that abusing one another emotionally makes them part of a ‘community’.

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