Saturday, September 10, 2005

Is their desperation the sound of the institutional media's self debasement?

If you think Stern has already sunk to its' deepest, and could dig no further Davids Medienkritik reveals that they can. The title of this entry has the overdramatic and contrived nature of the typical item in the german popular press whenever the US is involved.

Now get a load of this Stern dookie:

"The History of the USA: No nation has ever dominated the globe like the USA. And its people could care less about the rest of humanity."
Not to be outdone there is always the BBC which has a facinatingly quiver-lipped habit of trying to hide it's quiet envy at anyone who escapes a lot in life that they can't understand. They have a little thing called BBC Online where they can broadcast policial screeds worthy of the Third Reich.

In their high sophistication and intellectual depth, they use CERTAIN ACCENTS as means of displaying negativity. Case in point: a 'documentary' about gambling addiction. They present a mock casino advert which obviously makes the casino out to be satan's disengenuous handmaiden while shaking the change out of people's pockets and convincing them that the tax money makes them great citizens. The accent? One of their butchered attempts at a generic American accent of the broadcast variety. One that they seem never to get right anyway.

Virtually every new radio documentary that they promote uses this childish signifier. They might as well be throwing red mead and PCP at the public, waving their arms, and howling 'nya nya' as a means of informing and entertaining them.

It's sickening, pathetic, and well beneath the mentality of their audience, if not insulting to their intelligence. Who do thie think they're fooling?

Now look at THIS little ditty. At first they were selling it as a sort of "who runs the companies and the media" thing which one would expect to find a platform with which they could plump themselves up with the notion that their programming is free. Far from the case.
This documentary is called "Who runs your world?" It's now being peddled without much of a veil, answering it with "George does".
Note that under "debate in" there is no obvious option for english, and that even though they run a promo for it every 90 minutes on the BBC World Service, they make it hard to get to from the English language page. I had to get to it through the "World Service Trust" (non-profit, surely) based in NEW ZEALAND.

You can also dig the leading questions on their "quiz" about power - where the only possible outcomes are limited to a view that power has nothing to do with leadership or ethics, but possibly something nasty like religion and war.

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