Saturday, May 07, 2005

The Weekly Wanker Awards

So ironical… So, so ironical…

If anti-zionism ISN’T anti-semitism, then why is this Briton’s blog which blasts zionist’s called “Jews sans frontiers”[sic]

Here he is basing his view of the world on someone who was once rumoured to exist, so he was told by a friend of a friend:

«* First, while many, indeed most, self-declared anti-Semites today use the rhetoric of anti-Zionism, historically some anti-Semites were pro-Zionist. In pre-war Germany and Poland, for example, some anti-Semitic politicians advocated the emigration or expulsion of the Jews to Palestine as a solution to the "Jewish question."
* Second, some Jews are anti-Zionists. Jewish anti-Zionism exists mainly among socialist or radical Jewish intellectuals outside Israel. There is also a minority among Orthodox Jews, both inside and outside Israel, who reject Zionism as contrary to the will of God.»
Look, Ma! No jooooz!

Surprised? No? Wait! It gets better!

Have a look at the amusing comment below. The crank who left it certainly isn’t Charles Johnson. I don’t think the chap who runs LGF would be using a shared (dynamic IP) DSL hookup from Bell South wired through Metro Atlanta. The race-baiting is a sign of seething lefty hatred that amounts to tattooing a swastika on their foreheads.

Same goes for the “they’re all like the SS” view this child-unhealed-within has of someone having “buds” at Homeland Security. I have “buds” at DHS, but have little in common with some of them, the ones who vote Democratic, that is. They’re the most adept at arranging government jobs for themselves.

«Bikepaths of Glory:

Donned my tight black shorts and fitted flag-bedecked tee and took the trusty old BMX for another spin round the park today; fucking swarthy kids all over the racetrack, blocking my path, most of them dirty snot-nosed ’slim spawn.

Waited behind a tree for them to leave, all the while taking notes (I’m a trained journalist) which I will pass on to my important new buds at homeland security in due course.

With any luck the vanguard, err, Republican Party is going to send those oil ticks back to the rat-infested hell holes they come from. Like Muzzieland and Koranistan. Or France.

Then I’ll have the track to myself. Ride bike fast. Go wheeeee. :)

Love, Charles Johnson
CEO & Founder

Have fun storming the castle, pokey! Remember, buds are for socializing with, not smoking!

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