Friday, May 06, 2005

From the mouths of the poor to a Canadian Liberal's pocket

The Shotguns Kate McMillan clues us in on how left wing governments see aid- a too to enrich their cronies - all the while promoting a nonexistent "image of compassion and co-operation".

The Canadian International Development Agency fits the profile of any old Canadian Liberal Party operation a money pit dressed up to make voters feel good. The Canada Free Press investigates. Whats revealing is a pattern: they go on about being more humane than the American who in fact end up covering for Canadian Liberal government embezzlement and internal patronage.

«However, as of last night, according to the pastor, not one penny of the promised Canadian money has arrived in the Ampara area.

Canadians contributed a minimum of $40 Million from their own pockets. Where is it?

Paul Martin has put the figure at $425 Million for disaster relief. CIDA seems to be playing their normal game. Canadians want to know where their money went. It is not in Ampara, Sri Lanka.

Weve seen this pattern with CIDA before. In my four-month stay in Kandahar, Afghanistan with the Canadian PPCLI Battle Group, CIDA had guaranteed $100,000 for humanitarian projects in Afghanistan. As a liaison officer, Captain Alex Watson had been charged with the administration of that money. He built five co-ed schools--not the boys-only madrassas. He had 11 wells drilled to supply fresh water in communities around the airport in Kandahar. By the end of Watsons tour, the contractors had not been paid-- CIDAs money never arrived. Trying to make things right, the American military contributed 50 percent of the shortfall, matched by the Canadian Department of National Defence. We were all embarrassed by CIDA.

Theres also the little matter of the hundreds of millions of dollars promised by the Prime Minister for Afghanistan through the Canadian embassy in Kabul. We spent two months looking for this money. We could not find it. And, theres the never-ending reports by Canadians who know, that there have been investigations of CIDA employees wanting kick-backs from local Afghani contractors before giving out CIDA contracts.»
Its old news, and even Frum thinks it stinks, what is news is that the pattern has been repeating itself for decades unchecked.

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