Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Dey 'ad a snootful. Round the bend. Nine sheets to the wind...

Although it brings to mind a decrepidly old Dead Kennedys song - Ken, the sick puppy behind Nanny Knows Best relays a nice little morsel of doppelganger advice to those the state believes are terminally stupid: namely the entire poplation. It's brought to you in collusion between the British nanny state and the BBC. Ken's characterization? "No Sex Please, We're Drunk"

Not to be outdone the same evil cabal calls some of us "RSODs", or Risky Single Occasion Drinkers. (Check out the cute little background animation that assumes that people are idiots, and were raised in a barn.) They seem to have forgotten the value this activity had in thinning out the herd, as it were.

Obviously, persistent and frequent drinking is preferred by Nanny.

Don't laugh, people - everyone needs a hobby.

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