Thursday, May 05, 2005

BBC: Poor fact checking or outright lies?

Via Tim Blair, we are alerted to another fine blogger trapped in a moonbat-utopia, Behind Enemy Lines catches on to the inherent suckiness of the BBC. Their universal anti-american feelings are so longstanding that it becomes an unconcious background, and gets in the way of basis fact-checking.

It does support one of their fetishes, that of all aid from the state and the US is heartless - what next? We drink Venezuelan blood at passover?

«The United States is denying grant money for AIDS to treat prostitutes?"»
Pshyeah, right! Never ming the elephant in the parlor, that most global aid is from the U.S., and is mostly private, and thus sincerely generous. It's a smokescreen to cover for Euro-miserliness while EU governments promote their own "reputation of compassion" with their own populations.

It's little more than a skillful accounting scheme to what they won't commit means and funds to.

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