Thursday, March 24, 2005


Center-right politician Edouard Balladur has saved himself from the Euro-sclerosis of political correctness which strangles a public figure's ability to air his views.

For the purpose of context a close comparison can be drawn between the cultural state of
leftism in US universities and politics in the EU.

Think about the plane of discussion is composed of in the university - students too young, and educators too insulated to know anything about life are promoting issues which they think are the most offensive and defiant of societies norms for their own sake... All in the interest of howling "nyah-nyah" for it's own sake. As if one could actually control genetic diversity in the population without their own form of "population control" or force leftist causes on society without anyone having the right to object or disagree.
From Washington state to EU accession, we see the exact same pattern: keep holding elections and recounts until the elitists' poor
pet peeve ideas are accepted.

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