Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Crocodile tears for a naïve Western media

«No doubt the abuse of the prisoners in the Abu Ghraib prison is a crime that must be investigated and its perpetrators brought to justice. The civilized world spoke in one voice when it claimed that this transgression was morally unacceptable. But then again, this is war…

The crocodile tears of Arab dictators and the corrupt Arab league are a public spectacle, geared not towards the Arab people that they oppress, but towards a naïve Western media.

Where were the public trials for those who slaughtered tens of thousands of innocent Syrians in Hamma in 1982, or more recently the indiscriminate jailing and murder of anti-government demonstrators and human rights leaders in Allepo and Damascus?»
So while a collection of self-absorbed old hippies and young people who know nothing yet about life complain endlessly about prisoner humiliation at Abu Graib, they don’t seem to care about those doing real harm to Arabs at all by snuffing free speech at the point of a gun and funding terror. Here are a few people the SHOULD be doing their feather-spitting routine for:

Chief Hizballah creep Hassan Nasrallah is not the only turd Basher Assad’s regime is supporting. Here’s a
handy list
. And for those of you harboring illusions that the Arabs share a common love of one another and of Europe, and a common hatred of the US here’s a little something to disabuse you of it. Charming title, no?

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