Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Smurfing towards serfdom

An oldie but a goodie: once upon a time, there was an amusing parallel to be found between cartoon characters and communists. Given the European fear of capitalism its’ potential success, makes silly unicorn public funding scams like a “Ministry for Sports” useless.

How else do you explain gems like this one?:

«The EU commission, though, has ordered that use of the gun has been prohibited under the Kyoto protocols because the emissions have not been factored into the trading scheme. No move to order the ammunition can take place until the authority of the commission to make this ruling has been tested in the European Court of Justice, with a preliminary judgement expected in September 2009.»

How they could still call this “Social Democracy”/whatever-you-call-it that they have now an idea at all is an astounding bit of chutzpah, especially with that air of
cultural superiority
that always prefaces the lack of explanability.

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