Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Planet Twit is getting crowded

Living in their parallel universe where only those they fixate their hatred on can ever be wrong, leftists offer this kind of thing on any occasion possible:

“World Water Day” (don’t forget to make water) is a good time to remind people that James Glaser offers us this in his steady stream of agitprop: “George Bush Will Be Killing More Kids This Year“
He lives in a world where foolish ideas that make suburbanites feel good, but kill people don’t count, of course, especially if one pretends to be their advocates. Exploiting the poor for political ends is nothing new, and not limited to North America and Europe of course. Just invent an enemy with non-existant events, and enrage the colonias so that they don’t notice how they’re being screwed and killed softly by leftist “love”.

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