Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Tuesday comment highlight

The unofficial ¡No Pasaràn! best comment award goes to the fellow named after a Norse diety, whose comment belongs in the hall of fame:

«Welcome to the 21st century. Hmm, looks suspiciously familiar. Yes, thats it, 18th century France--where the aristocrats were fat and happy and the peasants were starved and scared.

...By the way, if you would like to play our game of time machine at home in France, all you have to do is allow millions of illiterate peasants with strange, anti-social, fundamentalist religious beliefs to emigrate to your country, yet somehow never learn French or get a job!

Be sure to give them free apartments bigger than mine and enough money to can get the Hammas channel on their sky TV so they never have to learn French! Then you too will be able to enjoy the sheer joy of seeing your country sink backwards in time.
Close your eyes and listen to Chirac channel de Gaulle and [watch] Le Pen doing his best el Duce impersonation. Listen to the Duc de Villepin rail against the US--or was than Napoleon railing against the English? - sorry, wrong century...

Read about Luddites smashing the looms of modern factories and rioting in the street--no, its not the 19th century--welcome to la Belle France of the 21st century! Its sustainable and eco-friendly(!) as we go back to growing potatoes and hating our neighbors with religious fervor! Oh les beaux jours

- the exemplary plenepotentiary Thorvald. Accept no substitutions.

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