Thursday, March 24, 2005

Of Fox and Canada

This delicious quote comes from Rachel Marsden who is wondering what to make of the CBC reaction to the Canada's broadcasting gatekeepers thought police:

«The CBC is freaking out with the arrival of Fox. So much so that they’re frantically working on a documentary about the Fox News Canadian invasion, in which they will tell Canadians what to think. Given that Fox News is now in direct competition with the CBC for whatever remnants of an audience that the CBC has left, this has about as much credibility as Ford doing a documentary about General Motors, telling you that GM cars suck.»

Didn't some leftist agit-propists already try that in the US? Why can't the CBC even have an original fascist thought? One also has to concider the source: a woman who had to leave Canada to air conservative thoughts in public, without having to prefacwe them with: «My name is Rachel M., and I'm a Progressive Conservative....»

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