Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Saving the Brave

A French D-Day website has a petition to save the commemorative monument that one French individual (JP Delorme), on his own initiative and using his own money, built on Omaha Beach.
At the request of the prefecture of Calvados, October 31, 2004, marks the date that the commemorative monument The Brave must be removed from the sands of Omaha Beach at Saint Laurent.

We request that the statue be left where it stands in tribute to the 3,500 GIs who were wounded, went missing, and died for our FREEDOM on June 6, 1944.

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(Merci à K Engelhard)

Update: According to Watcher of Weasels, the (very) poor choice of a 1940s photo discussed in the comments section does in no way show what the monument is meant to honor.


  1. Anonymous8:54 AM

    Looks like a nazi soldier in the picture. Exactly which "brave" are we talking about?

    Also, though I find the initiative admirable, I can 't help but wondering: does the artist own the grounds where he built his sculpture? If not, well...

  2. Anonymous1:16 PM

    Well, kudos to the artist, but does the monument _have_ to be on the beach itself? I mean you could take a statement or tribute half a mile inland and it would still be a welcome thanks to the G.I.'s, right?

  3. Anonymous1:17 PM

    Agreed. As far as I'm concerned, the beach is a sanctuary and should stay so.

  4. _ Yes , they are the nazi soldiers ! They are panzergrenadiers at the battle of bulge in the Ardennes , Belgium , 1944 . What the hell do they have to do with the image of statue on Omaha beach ?
    _ They wear german soldier's helmet . You can see on his chest a bayonet . Under the string of bullets , a typical strap of leather that he wears. You can compare him with " " .
    _Maybe the statue pays tribute to nazi soldiers! So I don't sign.

    _C'est une plaisanterie ! Que faisent les boches dans l'image de statue soi-disante qui rend hommage aux GI's .
    _Ce sont des panzergrenadiers qui combattaient pendant la bataille des Ardennes en l'hiver 1944 ,et surtout en Alsace ils ont failli à reprendre Strasbourg de 1re armée française , mais de Gaulle était contre l'idée de retrait de Strasbourg de Eisenhower.

  5. Er…
    I'm starting to regret that I posted this item…

  6. I wish I had read the comments before signing. DAMN! I don't want to support a ferking statue to the damn nazis. Geeze.

    I had the impression from the post that it was a statue to commemorate the ALLIED soldiers who landed there on the beach.

    Where do I go to unsign?

  7. Sorry, guys.
    (I signed it too...)

  8. I agree the picture of a german soldier is really strange and disturbing (maybe one should email the webmaster). But the post leaves no doubt its a monument dedicated to allied soldiers. "We request that the statue be left on the sand of Omaha Beach of SAINT LAURENT in tribute to the 3500 Gi's who were wounded, missing and died for our FREEDOM on June 6, 1944."
    Though, I also think the beach should remain a sanctuary.

  9. Anonymous7:03 PM

    According to this ( the monument is indeed dedicated to...

    "Le titre de l'oeuvre, "Les braves", évoque le débarquement au travers du courage de ces hommes venus nous libérer en nous apportant liberté et espoir mais aussi des valeurs fortes comme la tolérance, la démocratie, l'indépendance, la fraternité entre les hommes et les peuples."

    (So I used to be French and still remember the lingo).

    So, I stand by my comment (#2 from the top). It's a monument, great. It doesn't have to be _on_ the beach. Plus, frankly, it's kind of ugly. I was still on the wrong side of the Atlantic when Jack Lang played with columns, cubes and pyramids. This one makes me _almost_ miss the guy.