Sunday, June 06, 2004

Oh the humanity! S'il te dit que tu es belle c'est parce qu'il se fout de ta gueule connasse!
June 6 ceremony: Patricia Kass, who is very ugly, is now warbling a song from the repertoire of Edith Piaf, who was also very ugly but thankfully is dead.
cérémonies du 6 juin: Patricia Casse-Couille, qui est vraiment très moche, est en train de gazouiller une chanson tirée du repertoire de Edith Piaf, qui était aussi très laide mais qui est décédée heureusement pour nous tous.


Anonymous said...

No more Merde in France? Say it ain't so! That was one of the most coherent blogs around. Brilliant stuff, and great to look at (and a good didactic tool for learning French)! Oh well, this blog is good, but MiF will be missed.

Anonymous said...

Is that really a woman!!??

Anonymous said...

Looks like a frat boy who lost a bet!