Thursday, June 10, 2004

Read it and weep Les franchouilles n'ont que leurs yeux pour pleurer
Le Monde Al-Jazeera on the Seine has no choice but to report on 'George W. Bush's undeniable victory' before the UN. Serguei has gone into hiding. He didn't scribble a damn thing for us yesterday.
Le Monde Al-Jazira sur Seine n'a pas d'autre choix que de relater 'une indéniable victoire pour George W. Bush' devant l'ONUzi. Du coup, Serguei se fait tout petit. Il ne nous a rien gribouillé du tout.


sgvn said...

There will be more us victories to come in the war on terror, it's time for Le Monde ( and terroristes ) to surrender unconditionnally .
Le Monde doit en tirer la leçon suivante . USA et les coalitions ont la cause juste et il est temps de changer de camps comme la plupart des français en 1944.

Anonymous said...

The bugger must have been busy trying to work the Paris SUV ban into his next anti US rant. Not that Parisians drive what we would normally call SUVs. Slapping a 4WD sticker on the back of a golf cart doesn't fool anyone.

And pardon me for being somehow off topic, but please note that next time the US invades France, as we seem both unable and unwilling to liberate that country if I can trust the French press scribouillards, Humvees will unfortunately have to stop the invasion at the very gates of Paris. Our puzzled GIs would otherwise get into harm's way with the first Aubergine (is that what they still call them?) they meet!

Time for our esteemed Rumsfeld to show that he is up to any challenge when it comes to meeting the demands of modern warfare.

The US will have to setup a new politically correct and environmentally-friendly bicycle light infantry division, if their hopes of crushing the French, in that not too distant future, is to stand the faintest chance of meeting UN approval and of course ensuring the full support of the Paris mayor.

The less faint of heart could also opt for nuking Paris to get the boys home faster and thus save us the whole bother of leaning over backwards to please our transatlantic FIENDS/FRIENDS.

The coroner