Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Answer: they both promise to take you around the world but wind up leaving you with your dick in your hands Réponse: le Charles de Gaulle et les nanas parisiennes ont plus d'un tour d'hélice au cul
Question: What do the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier and Parisian girls have in common?
Question: Quel rapport y-a-t'il entre le porte-avion Charles de Gaulle et les filles parisiennes?


Anonymous said...

Putain elle était bonne. En plus, dans la marine c'est tous des tafioles comme tu sais peut être.

Signé Raoul

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Now here we may be hitting on one of the reasons why it would have been foolish from the start to expect the French to give a hand in a real war over the last couple of years - or decades for that matter.

I have been told that the other aircraft carrier of the French navy either has been or is going to be de-commissioned. The De Gaulle requires a hell of a lot of maintenance so that when it comes back to Toulon or wherever it is based, the French cannot fight a war!!!

So, no need to plough through Jane's Defence weekly to plan your next war.

HOW TO PROCEED: if you declare a war against the French please check first with the petty officer or whichever pen-pusher has a copy of the maintenance schedule of the DeGaulle. you can then start naval operations at your own convenience and everything will be shipshape if I may say so!

Well Switzerland how about jumping on this golden opportunity to show that YOUR navy really has some mettle?

The coroner.

Anonymous said...

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