Monday, March 21, 2016

How to Prevent America from Becoming a Totalitarian State

I'm not a Donald Trump fan — far from it [update: this is something that will change, radically, after January 2017] — but don't you agree how sensational it is that Americans — that we all, all over the Western world (how lucky we all are!) — have vigilant East Coast politicians, along with vigilant European leaders and the vigilant members of the mainstream media, both in America and abroad, to warn us of all the threatening ways in which The Donald is akin to Adolf Hitler?!

Thank God we have these intelligent people to see that truth and to keep us duly informed!

After all, as Front Page's Daniel Greenfield points out (thanks to Glenn Reynolds and Ed Driscoll)… in 2012, we were lucky enough to be warned that Mitt Romney was akin to Adolf Hitler…

Just like… throughout the early 2000s, we were lucky enough to be warned that Dubya was akin to Adolf Hitler…

Just like… in 1980, we were lucky enough to be warned that Ronald Reagan was akin to Adolf Hitler…

Just like… in 2003 and in the early 1960s,  we were lucky enough to be warned that Arnold Schwarzenegger (in California alone) and Barry Goldwater, respectively, were akin to Adolf Hitler…

In 2007 and 2008, we were told that John McCain was one of the least extremist of the GOP's candidates — until Republicans dutifully chose him as the GOP's candidate, after which he too… became… Adolf Hitler.

Actually, it is not always, or not only, Adolf Hitler; it is also hateful, fear-mongering, dumb, and/or clueless (think of Sarah Palin).

Back in the 1950s, a World War II general was by sought by both parties for candidate to president. Until the day that Eisenhower chose to join the Republican party. Overnight, by the strangest of coincidences, the war hero became a clueless illiterate doofus.

Have you noticed something odd? All the(se) Hitlers happen, by the strangest of coincidences, to come from one party — the Republican Party.

You know — I hate to admit this — but sometimes I get the impression — I don't know why — sometimes I get the impression that calling Republicans Adolf Hitler is not a factual, objective, non-partisan observation but simply an automatic response by Democrats and Europeans alike arising as automatons in calling whoever is a conservative Americans a clueless, racist, and fascist being of the foulest of sorts.

But… not to worry; then I remember that the people making those calls (both in America and in Europe) are the most intelligent people who ever lived, the most compassionate people who ever lived, the most tolerant people who ever lived, the people most open to debate and discussion who ever lived, and then I know that I should refrain from entertaining such baseless suspicions…
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You know, America is always in danger of being overtaken by (neo-)fascists, we constantly hear, and listening to people like Barack Obama and/or his supporters, I have come to understand what it will take to avoid that dismal fate.

To avoid America becoming a fascist totalitarian state, the only logical conclusion seems to be that:

• The Republican Party ought to be outlawed and banned — once and for all
(or, conversely, the party should be either rendered toothless or filled with professional politicians who basically agree on most issues with the reigning Democrats)

• In effect, America should become a one-party state
(not to worry, it would be a one-party state with the intelligent, compassionate, tolerant members of the Democratic Party — and their counterparts in the at-best-now-toothless GOP — ever finding new ways to make life better for the people)

• Barack Obama should become president for life
(why not? isn't he the most intelligent man — the most intelligent being — to ever enter the White House?
Just look at how lucky, over the past seven years, Americans have been to have — finally — gotten:
as many laws and rules as the Europeans,
as many taxes as the Europeans, and
as many bureaucrats as the Europeans;
Just see how, thanks to the apologizer-in-chief's smart diplomacy, much safer the world is in 2016 than in 2008 (remember the crazy clueless cowboy at a time when no one respected America?!), with the Kremlin now tamed, Beijing no longer a threat to any neighbor, and the Islamists of the Middle East now embracing civilized values and engaged in showing mutual respect for the USA and the West)

• The — hateful — members of the (now defunct or now toothless) GOP should be barred from participating in elections…

• and, in order to understand all the good that Obama (or whatever member of the Democrat Party is in the White House) is doing for them, these hateful enemies of the people (isn't that the best expression for them?!) should be forced, for their own good (as well as that of their fellow Americans), out of American life and into reeducation centers; we're obviously talking about Donald Trump, Sarah Palin, and everybody who would vote for them, as well as all people working at Fox News…

• And if that doesn't help, in order to get rid of their hatred and other mental disorders (such as religion or the insane belief and obvious lie that the ordinary citizen can get along fine through life without the intervention of the state's functionaries), these enemies of the people should be (more or less forcefully) committed to various mental hospitals where, even if their mental health is not improved, they will at least no longer pose a threat to the American population.

If all those things were to pass (if I understand correctly), then the United States will no longer be in danger of becoming a totalitarian state!

Update: Back in 2012, Newsweek Columnist Likened a Republican candidate's wife (!) — the "Insufferable" Ann Romney — to Hitler, Stalin (thanks to Ed Driscoll)

Update 2: Ed Driscoll himself:
 … every Republican presidential candidate, from Thomas Dewey (smeared as a Nazi by no less than Harry Truman) to the present will be attacked by the left in this fashion, no matter his temperament, or his small government, libertarian bona fides. … In his 1944 State of the Union address, FDR smeared the laissezfaire Coolidge era of the 1920s as “the spirit of fascism”

Update 3: Ed Driscoll, again — it even goes back to to 1940

Update 4: Heil Donald? Students instructed to compare Hitler to Trump by Fox News's Todd Starnes

Update 5: Joedator's New Yorker cartoon

Update 6: WikiLeaks reveals John Podesta's rule for democrats
(via Joe Biggs): "Compare Your Opponent to Hitler" …