Sunday, November 11, 2012

What Would Breitbart Do?

What Would Breitbart Do? asks Andrew Marcus
… unfortunately, something else also became more clear than ever before, the corrupt media that Breitbart often assailed had its thumbs on the scales and tipped the election in the President's favor.

Everything that Andrew predicted in my film, Hating Breitbart, played out in real-time during the election right before our eyes. From Candy Crowley interrupting and taking Obama's side in the debate to George Stephonopoulous's introducing the 'war on women' narrative in the primary debates, members of the so-called mainstream media did everything they could to re-elect Obama and they were successful. And many of us are, as Andrew so often was, righteously indignant. Some might even be feeling hopeless, tired or defeated. And while I can understand a temporary crisis of faith, I believe Andrew would refuse to surrender to a defeatist attitude over one election loss. He understood that the true fight is with the Mainstream Media and Institutional Left and that they don't get ‘elected.’ We must bring the fight directly to them relentlessly. That was always his fight and that does not change with an election cycle.

… he would remind each of us that we all have to power to expose the malfeasance and corruption in the MSM and Institutional left. He would not Monday morning quarterback the Romney campaign or dissect numbers and graphs. He would exhaust every hour of every day exposing the corrupt mainstream media for who and what they are. Though they might be silently (and disturbingly some not so silently) grateful that Andrew is no longer here to stand up to their destructive behavior, in the months and years to come they will be forced to face the reality that his spirit and his example continues on every single day with thousands of citizen journalists in every inch of this nation. And they will never be able to put the Genie that Andrew released back in the bottle. That's what Andrew Breitbart would have done, and what millions of citizen journalists will continue to do as long as we have breath.
John Kirkwood adds:
A majority of Americans chose the path of 18th century Frenchmen and 1930 Germans last night. A majority chose to vote for “revenge,” for redistribution of wealth, for abortion on demand, for abandoning Israel and for “leaning forward” in front of Dan Savage and Vladimir Putin. A majority of Americans chose to steal from their neighbors, their neighbor’s children and their own children (if they haven’t aborted them) to pay for their condoms, Skippy Peanut Butter, lottery tickets and Band-Aids. A majority turned a deaf ear to the cries from Benghazi. A majority closed the drapes on Israel and those Russian nuclear subs off our coast. A spatter of blue paint on a mostly red country shows where the cancer has spread and the metropolitan areas have opted-out of arduous freedom for the ease of complacent servitude.

… God never promises freedom to a nation that has forgotten Him. We’ve had liberty; we’ve lost it. We no longer live in a free America; we are now the victims of a tyranny that will be entrenched for as far as the eye can see. If there was something fishy about this election, it won’t matter. In the next four years, this President will pass an amnesty bill that will flood Democratic voter registration and bring in millions of new votes. If there ever was fraud in the past, it won’t be necessary in the future because we’ll be facing a perpetual Democrat majority.
Justin Owen is more optimistic:
Despite the gridlock that was just returned to Washington, the looming political battle in this country will not be Republican versus Democrat. It will be the states versus the federal government. It will be real innovation and true reform versus the status quo that has failed us time and again.