Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Those are the "bright" voters of Obama, I bet smoking weed, playing Xbox all day, and having their purses full of condoms being the main goal of their worthless lives

From Benny Johnson of The Blaze (thanks to comrade Allie):
To any conservative wondering where they went astray this cycle, observe the religious-like conviction of the voters here when rattling off democratic talking points. But beyond the rhetoric, how much do these eager voters know about our American government? Just a few questions, then: How many Senators are there? How many Congressmen? Supreme Court Justices? Who is Nancy Pelosi? Harry Reid? Can you name an amendment to the Constitution?

The answers inform. Was this election really a rebuke of conservatism and its principles? Or was it a function of the masterful marketing of emotions, niche issues and yes, even revenge? 
From top commenter auras ALEXANDRESCU (a Romanian immigrant?):
i know all the answers to the questions and i just moved to US 11 yrs ago.Those are the "bright" voters of Obama ,i bet smoking weed,playing Xbox all day and having their purses full of condoms are the main goal of their worthless lifes . Before u gain the right to vote Everybody should pass first a test in knowledge of the Constitution ---JUST LIKE I DID !!!!