Monday, November 12, 2012

Place the blame squarely on the media and the co-opted culture

You can always count on Pamela Geller to find the tight words…
Our work is most needed, now more than ever. Essential is understating it. I won't put a smiley face on this rout. The disastrous consequences of the rise of the subversive cannot be understated, nor can the force for good in combating it.

That's you and that's me. I place the blame squarely on the media and the co-opted culture. The Obama regime got away with murder, quite literally. The enemedia packaged the left's steaming pile of dung in a pretty, blue Tiffany box and told the American people it was good for them.

There is nothing to be done but fight more fiercely, more passionately. Because we are right and we are righteous and we fight for the good. It's just that simple.

This is not new. We have seen this before. Every historic catastrophe was preceded by this same pattern. It is only when good people quietly accede to fascism and totalitarianism that the war is lost.

So take a breather, regroup, and fight, fight, fight. When the enemedia lies and deceives, we will be there, When the Obama regime tries to impose restrictions on free speech (blasphemy laws), we will storm the Capitol. We will take to the streets and we will fight for our freedom. It is incumbent upon us. If nothing else, gridlock can be a wonderful obstacle.

America is still the greatest country on earth and she is worth fighting for. We have soldiers dying in the jihad theater, they deserve nothing less from us. Ramp it up. Cede no ground. Take lessons from the left. Be a pitbull.

Soldier on, my dear, sweet patriots. It is up to us. Yes, it is dark. Be the light. Shine on. This is just the beginning.