Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Is the MSM "the 'Useful Idiot' of Islam?": Admiration for the Arab Spring Starting to Fade

In Libya, Gaddafi's tragic end and the announcement by the National Transitional Council (CNT), as an epitaph, of a return to sharia and polygamy, leads one Le Monde reader to opine that "the Gaddafi cholera has been replaced by the Muslim plague."
The outcome of the "Arab spring" leaves a sour taste in the mouthes of our readers," admits the Ombudsman of Le Monde as missives opposed to the mainstream media's political correctness stream in, warning of the "cold" Arab winter that may be coming.
"Has the West meek again helped a Khomeini clone seize power?" sighs one Jean-Claude Demari. He would like to think that "the opposition to obscurantist Islamism is fortunately no longer the preserve of the extreme right or the hard right." […] Witness the reaction to the editorial line of Le Monde asking, "What if, in Tunisia, democracy was arrived at through Islam?" (October 27). "The naive self-righteous editorials of Le Monde is staggering," says a certain "Alain Neurohr." "Is Le Monde the 'useful idiot' of Islam?" sneers "DR".

... Skepticism prevails. "I would like to remind you that in the 1930s, Hitler was thought of as a clown, not a danger: you know what happened next!" says Jacques Adit (Chambéry): "It's a safe bet that once in power, the new government in Tripoli will be described by Western leaders as 'moderate' in order to enjoy good business relationships with it without damning themselves", writes Laure Fouré (Versailles). "Let no one in France dare to criticize the Islamic veil because it is the niqab that France has just stuck on the face of Libya," snaps Wardia Salem (Montrouge), a radical pro-Gaddafi woman.

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