Monday, October 31, 2011

Brother, can you Fix my Φθαρεί ορθού ?

Beware: Broke nations contemplating further socializing their medical sectors. And by that I mean YOU, America.

The Greeks are broke. They would socialize and unionize crime if there was a way to do it. Now they are turning to NGOs to cover their medical needs, much as nations beset by pandemics, endemic poverty, and natural disasters do.

Europeans and Westerners in general are accustomed to being asked to donate money to emergency aid NGOs to tackle medical humanitarian crises in Africa, Asia and other parts of the developing world where governments are too unwilling, poor or incapable to be able to help their own citizens.

It is unheard of for aid groups such as Medecins Sans Frontieres or Medicins du Monde to have to take over the role of providing basic medical services from normal state or private providers in a Western country.
No worries. Since they are in demographic decline like much of Europe’s Club Med, it shouldn’t be a problem for too long.

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