Monday, May 23, 2011

Obama's Roundabout Praise of Bush: "I'm not the first administration to say this"

During Andrew Marr's 18-minute BBC interview with Barack Obama, before the commander-in-chief's visit to Europe, the latter was asked the following question:
And if you find another very high value target at the top of al-Qaeda, Mullah Omar or whoever it might be in Pakistani territory or other sovereign territory, would you do the same again?
Mr. "Hope'n'Change Introducing a Break With the Old" did his best not to mention George W. Bush nor, certainly, to praise him, but there was no way he could avoid it entirely (00:10):
Well, I've always been clear to the Pakistanis — and I'm not the first administration to say this — that our job is to secure the United States; we are very respectful of the sovereignty of Pakistan but we cannot allow someone who is actively planning to, uh, kill our people or our, our allies' people, we can't allow those kinds of active plans to, uh, come to fruition, without us taking some action…
"I'm not the first administration to say this": what other administration, in the war against terror, can that refer to but the administration of George W Bush?!

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