Thursday, May 26, 2011

Is This Why You Keep Saying You Miss Home?

The staff of the IMF, like turds floating around in the fetid pool of quasi-diplomatic international institution, prove what's said about the place. It is said to be one giant social distraction, preoccupied by people dating work peers, and pressuring each other for sexual favors.
The NYT reports:

Some women avoid wearing skirts for fear of attracting unwanted attention. Others trade whispered tips about overly forward bosses. A 2008 internal review found few restraints on the conduct of senior managers, concluding that "the absence of public ethics scandals seems to be more a consequence of luck than good planning and action."
This, my friend, is that much-lauded "internationalism" that we're supposed to supplicate our national cultures and norms to. From acquaintances it's gleaned that they behave like they're either living like the privileged caste in a third world, or like the selfish, uncaring types well understood to anyone who's ever lived in a Mediterranean culture, where grown men generally only trust their mothers, and for biological reasons alone, at that.

This seems to include those "visigoths" as I like to call them that seem to want to broadly identify those they want to denigrate culturally as "Ango-Saxons".
"What are we supposed to make of this when we go into Strauss-Kahn's office?" Ms. Schadler [a former deputy director of the European department] said, recounting conversations with former colleagues. "Do we sit there and think, 'He's sizing me up as a potential sexual object?' "
Free of the market and functional society's realities, they also seem to be free of functional social norms and conventions: not to mention the fact that we're talking about the frequently hideous and selfish judgment of those who weren't raised with what are generally good graces passed on to a large part of the population in the anglosphere.
Interviews and documents paint a picture of the fund as an institution whose sexual norms and customs are markedly different from those of Washington, leaving its female employees vulnerable to harassment. The laws of the United States do not apply inside its walls, and until earlier this month the I.M.F.'s own rules contained an unusual provision that some experts and former officials say has encouraged managers to pursue the women who work for them: "Intimate personal relationships between supervisors and subordinates do not, in themselves, constitute harassment."
Be it known: the IMF like all the UN affiliated entities in the US, has a "quota cap" for American hires.
In another case, a young woman who has since left the I.M.F. said that in 2009, a senior manager in her department started sending her increasingly explicit e-mails seeking a relationship. She complained to her boss, who did not take any action.
The next time you're given the passive-aggressive glancing blow of someone rattling on about "anglo saxons" ask yourself why "their" women seem to like "our" males. To use an old adage of an old friend of mine in the Navy, a high number of Italian women he got to know when stationed in Italy were attracted to American men for rather simple reasons: generally they are "grown ups," and are nice. Even those who had a modest upbringing are less prone to loutish thinking than the middling domestic variety.

So the next time you see someone trying to pass off their exploitation and abuse as "a mature attitude towards sex", tie them down, defecate on them, and tell them that it's "your thing" and that it makes you happy. Do that right after you thank them for providing you with the satisfaction you deserve despite what's running out of their nostrils. At that point, they might develop an understanding.

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