Saturday, May 28, 2011

Down with Transit!

Berlin “radicals” set off a bomb at Ostkreutz, a Berlin S-Bahn station. It’s a strange choice. Maybe they want to enflame “the German street” in that grafitti-riddled, mostly unemployed proletariats-in-waiting neighborhood. After all, you need to actually be employed to be an oppressed worker, don’t you?

They’ve recently rebuilt the platforms. The place in such a shambles, that it was even an embarrassment to the DDR, but they didn’t do anything about it because no Wessies or foreigners went out that far.

The perps are a rather consistently syphilitic looking bunch of adolescents who call themselves “Black Bloc”. They are prone to Emo-like self-absorption, and cover their faces (in what they must believe is a fashionable manner) out of a paranoid “fear of the state”. The irony is that they always seem to smash property in support of causes that require a big, ham-fisted authoritarian state to realize. The sad thing is that the same is true of the Pirate Party, a group of people who seem to think that they’re intergalactic pimp-daddy Jedi Knights disguised so as not to shock us mere humans. And to think that they’re supposed to be ADULTS.

Otherwise they wall for anything, such as the long love affair they had with Trutherism.

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