Monday, May 23, 2011

DSK's Travails Remain the Main Subject of French Cartoons

20 Nobel Prize Winners Are to Put Humanity on Trial
• One of the members of the Nobel "jury":
I wouldn't mind finding a broad for a quick lay…
• Uncle Sam: Oh? Has a Frenchman won the Nobel Prize?

To no one's surprise, Dominique Strauss-Kahn has been a subject of French cartoons non-stop since last week, as the following batch will testify to, with Plantu and Xavier Gorce regularly intertwining the DSK scandal with other news of the day (such as the reform of France's justice system; the Rio-Paris flight crash; a Stockholm initiative to put humanity on trial by a jury of Nobel Prize winners for its alleged felonies against the plaintiff, Planet Earth; the Middle East's Palestinian problem, with Benjamin Netanyahu's visit to Barack Obama's White House, etc)…

• A judge to another magistrate bringing the file on French Justice Reform: Yes?… Uhhh… Okay! Leave it there!

• An unfathomable catastrophe…
• Terrible images…
• What happened?

• Let's hope that thanks to the black boxes, we will be able to understand the reasons for the crash…

•… of Flight DSK 2012

The Hollande Phenomenon
• Socialist Party leader François Hollande:
Hey! Terrific the number of people showing up for my speeches!

• Gotta do it now!
• Go for it Martine!
• Go!
• Yeah!
• Press on!
• You're doin' good!

Martine Aubry: Hey dudes, cool it. The decision is up to me!

Martine Aubry: You never bully a woman into doing what she doesn't want to do!

• Greek: Oh! That must be the IMF loan that I've been waiting for?!!
• (IMF?) Suit: Hands off! It's the bail money for DSK!

But even prior to the scandal, DSK was no newcomer to French cartoons…

How can you claim to be on the left while driving a Porsche?

• DSK: It's a matter of options

• [Musical sounds]

• DSK: My horn plays the Internationale

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