Monday, April 26, 2010

You’re Hopeless if...

...all you can imagine freedom amounts to, is the unfettered theft of intellectual property. I’m sure the authors and musicians don’t think it’s a bargain.

Pirate parties fighting for increased freedom in sharing online content have formed an international organisation, writes Público. Gathered in Brussels, delegates from 44 countries approved statutes affirming the movement’s apolitical stance and non-profit motive. “The online content industry is leading a worldwide effort to limit civil liberties. This is the first step in our counterattack”,
And to think the German “Pirate Party” imagines themselves to be the continent’s smart and edgy, “I wear weird glasses” Libertarian types. The best they could come up with is basically to unionize, and stick it to the people who are actually creative. It flies in the face of their stand on the propriety of private communication, something they do believe to be somehow a different kind of private property than some author’s book or song. Tapping them is fair game.

Do they even know what rights are?

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