Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Eventually Going to Ground

A curious comment left on Gavin Hewett’s BBC news blog, went unrebutted.

In hard times Europe reasserts its true nature, antisemitic, antiroma, xenophobic, a cesspool of false national pride, ethnic hatred, and intense jealousies. All of the laws and treaties in the world can't change what is in people's hearts.
Then the author takes an interesting turn.
Outsiders may be ignored, their presence even tolerated to a degree but they are never fully integrated. Not after a generation, not after dozens of generations where they have lived peacefully yet are the objects of exclusion. America by contrast is based on a structure of shared values.
Further, without any sort of piling on to silence it, as one would normally find on this kind of forum, is a virtual Tea Party Movement sentiment coming from a Briton.
Well, people get sick and tired of being preyed upon by their government. They get sick and tired of being poor, watching their wages drop, watching their taxes rise. They get angry, they get tired. And then they start doing things all angry, tired folks generally do.

What Gavin is documenting here is the ritual of fascism. He calls it a "script" of European life. And that is correct.

Here’s looking at you, kid.

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