Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Enabling Evil

Merkel is aware of Germany’s aiding proliferation, but little is being done about it. How could it, in a world where the leader of Europe’s security benefactor still thinks that protecting oneself with a missile shield is a “provocation”?

‘According to the German-Iranian Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Tehran, two thirds of Iranian industrial enterprises and three quarters of its small and medium-sized firms use machines and systems of German origin. As Berlin’s Federal Agency for Foreign Trade affirmed in 2007, Germany is still Iran’s No. 1 supplier of almost all types of machinery apart from power systems and construction, where Italian manufacturers dominate the market.‘
The incredibly feeble part of it, is that it’s being used as an argument against free trade, using the tone of protectionist astroturfing of the issue from a “anti-globalization” position to get it through the reader’s thick heads:
When is such free trade, stupidity and suicidal? Should Europe be supplying Iran with instruments for the death of the West? Who in Brussels is listening while the regime and the crowds shout ‘Death to the Great Satan’ or ‘the world devourers’ — USA, Britain and Europe? They have been shouting that for THIRTY years.
And in that time, the Europeans, who are in the range of Iran’s missiles, used the opportunity to taunt the United States with accusations of fear-mongering for trying to do something about it, and in fact, using their flaccid and empty chattering, as if the Iranians were living by the rules of Victorian era gentlemen, as diplomatic cover under which Iran has managed to buy enough time to build (and buy from supposed “allies”) what they have.

The reaction, to all of this, is as one would expect. To demonize anyone mentioning the threat, and to advocate disarming their own states to put the strategic balance in the Iranians’ favor, and busying themselves with self-indulgent, stylized irrelevancies.

Step 3:
Seek the reason behind all of this ridiculous acting and then mush it together with all other hippie activists that have come before. Most hippies don't have new reasons for their social position or existence. Many just cling to a little dab here and there of purpose and protest but more or less are quiet, introspective, mumbling idealists. They may have great ideas in mind but have trouble expressing them. Many simply recycle old ideas and theories and regurgitate them in current tongue. World peace, anti-war, anti-establishment, free love, or simply liking the pretty colors will suffice for this step.
It’s probably a good way to pass the time waiting to watch missiles track overhead as well.

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