Thursday, September 24, 2009

Why Can't Those Greedy Capitalist Pigs in America Take the Compassionate European Health Systems as an Example and — Wait a Minute!

The American Right Protests Obama's "Socialism"
[On the rich capitalist pigs' signs:]
No [Health] Care for the Poor!
The ever-lucid Plantu, who always has got the Americans figured out (those money-grubbing, treacherous louts!), has made a total caricature out of tea parties as well as conservatives' concerns and demands. Obviously, those greedy capitalistic pigs in America should follow what the charitable, compassionate, ever-solidaristic Europeans are doing and emulate their…

Except, wait! Two months prior to Plantu's anti-American cartoon, Le Monde came out with an interesting article (to say the least) on its front page…

In it, Cécile Prieur informs us that more than 25% of Paris doctors (and nearly a third of dentists and almost 2/5 of gynocologists) refuse to treat poor clients. The denials of the CMU — a name someone like BHO should love: couverture médicale universelle or universal medical cover — are illegal but rarely sanctioned…

But wait; that's because the French capital's doctors are as greedy capitalist pigs as Americans as a whole are, and that's all the more reason for the government to intervene and establish — No!
La première raison invoquée est la lourdeur administrative et la "paperasse" qu'impliquerait la prise en charge des patients CMU : ces derniers ne payant pas leur consultation, le remboursement du médecin s'effectue par l'assurance-maladie, ce qui peut prendre du temps si le praticien n'est pas informatisé.

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