Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Aryan Science of Leftism

Dutch lefties demand that Geert Wilders publish his heritage. Presumably to establish the impurity of his thoughts. After all, this is über-evolved and caring non-prejudicial Europe, where genetics are thought to trump intellect and free will.

Anthropologist Lizzy van Leeuwen writes this week in De Groene Amsterdammer that Geert Wilders is of Indian descent, but he tries to hide behind his dyed blonde hair.
Elsewhere, Thomas Landon writing at Brussels Journal points out that sofa-surfing Dutch “radicals” link Wilders’ world view to Nazism, as his grandfather who was a Dutch colonist in Indonesia might have sympathized with the Dutch Nazi party. That ill reasoned might ignores the man’s Jewish wife.
His father fled the area to escape from the Nazis and became so traumatized from the experience that he refused to physically enter Germany even forty years later.
No matter. A politically useful accusation is a politically useful accusation, truth notwithstanding. With all the flair if a tabloid rag, the opinions of an obviously angry and biased person are magically justified by their title or profession, as there is nothing else to stand on.

When speculating on what’s going on in the mind almost solely on a narrow and exclusionary selection of facts and by some unexplained speculation about the color of his skin, just what type of “indo” heritage do Dutch colonists have exactly, and how does one conflate this childish and bigoted oversimplification into an accusation of racism?

In the sealed room of the European left’s intellectualism, the sycophant-regency need not ever ask simple questions when they are constructing yet another passive-aggressive smear campaign by “only asking questions”.

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