Monday, May 18, 2009

Kind of Like the Reichstag

The peevish construct in question.
I’m sure it won many awards.

Well KIND OF like the Reichstag, only incompetent and less transparent.
He explained that the main fire broke out in the electric shaft on level zero, but the team first went to level 13, where Mr Barroso's office is located. "We put it out there, but the heat kept on coming from beneath, so we went one floor down and so on until we spotted it on the ground floor."
Or is the Supreme Soviet a better comparison?
The firefighting team used water cannons and fought the flames for about two hours. "It's a good question why the sprinklers did not go off," the firefighter said.
Coincidence? Hell no!
The building's smoke detectors failed to go off until very late into the events, and only after people had already been told to leave the building.
It’s that über-superior Euro-quality control, that superior engineering, that wonderful, highly paid, unionized, stress-free tradesman at work!

See Neelie run. Run! Neelie, run!

I’m sure someone will suggest in the next 8 hours that the fire suppression, smoke detection, and fire alarm systems all failed because the fire alarm panel had Intel inside! - ba-ba-boo-bee!

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