Monday, May 18, 2009

Le Monde's Normandy Cemetery Articles Manage to Denigrate American Presidents Generally, and Bush and Reagan in Particular

In a Le Monde article on Normandy's Omaha Beach cemetery next to Colleville-sur-Mer, Benoît Hopquin points out how all presidents since Jimmy Carter in the 1970s have paid visits to the Colleville shrine, managing in the process to take a couple of potshots at Dubya.
En 2002, à la veille de l'invasion de l'Irak, George W. Bush était venu ici rallier les Américains à sa croisade contre "le Mal" et inciter les alliés à "défendre le monde contre les terroristes". En 2004, il n'avait pas trouvé meilleur lieu pour organiser un rabibochage avec la France.
That's right: in his eagerness to disparage Bush, Benoît Hopquin omitted to mention that 2004 just happened to be a long-planned event, i.e., the 60th anniversary of Operation Overlord. Furthermore, it appears that Barack Obama's visit (Philippe Duron, maire PS de Caen, … avait déjà fourbi son slogan : "Yes we Caen") led to an ongoing (?) protocol conflict between the White House and l'Élysée… In that accompanying article, Benoît Hopquin manages to denigrate Ronald Reagan's visit 20 years earlier…

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