Friday, April 24, 2009

Strangeways, here we come

A very odd story, not really sure what to make of it:

Jamaica's government put police and the army on alert to prevent violent demonstrations as it prepared to announce tax increases on gasoline, cigarettes and other consumer items on Thursday.

Police and soldiers were deployed at what the government called "strategic" locations across the Caribbean island to quell any violent protests. Finance and Planning Minister Audley Shaw was expected to announce the tax increases during a budget debate later on Thursday.
Violent demonstrations? Do our Jamaican friends not know the joie qui est paying taxes? How paying as much tax as is humanly possible is the way to inner peace and and strength? How paying stratospheric taxes are the cost of creating and maintaining a civil society?

Tsk, tsk ..... Richard Murphy must not be widely read on the island, otherwise our Jamaican friends would know just how truly lucky they are to be paying those higher taxes.

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