Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Eco-Genocide Day

Richard North, on his new and improved blog-thingy shows us a case of the global network of “betters”, or as others have put it “pearls before swine”:

Irena Sendler was arrested and badly tortured by the Gestapo though her organization managed to save her from being executed. Subsequently, she lived in hiding but is said to have gone on helping Jewish children. After the war she tried to reunite some of the children with their families most of whom had been exterminated.

Needless to say she was then persecuted by the Polish Communist government for being close to the Home Army, whose members were put on show trial, and to the "bourgeois" Polish government in exile that had been betrayed by the Western allies.
But, like everything promoted by those trying to construct a political movement to love them for their mere opinions, someone who really saved lives matters less than a theoretical object of their lionization.
When that gasbag and failed politician Al Gore received his Nobel Peace Prize in 2007 for a documentary that even he admitted was based on false premises (ah but you have to shock people!) one of the other candidates was Irena Sendler, a Polish Roman Catholic nurse who had saved around 2,500 Jewish children and infants, placing them with Catholic families. The latter then courageously brought them up as their own.
Like the subtle media expansion of the religious holiday Earth Day into Earth Week as close as possible to Holy Week, we find what appears to be falling on the lines to an attempt of the dispossession of faith with an unrelated object of worship.

To all of you extremists who are now attempting a conversion of de facto desire to turn civilization into a peasantry living by the whims of agriculture into a de jure underclass, I recommend you try taking a cab as far as the hack will take you away from your bubble and try dry camping.

Try your environmentalism on your own, not the standard kind that is expressed as engaging in some symbolism yourself, but forcing others to take the kinds of actions that suit the ideas that salve your empty souls. This is the sort of thing I’m talking about, and it’s a minor feature of the constellation of green Eichmanns “something for nothing”: a private organization called USGBC, or Unites States Green Building Council.

They aren’t elected or appointed, USGBC review and gatekeeping is slowly becoming a legally mandatory requirement for the design and construction of commercial and civil property, and soon also dwellings, and they’re gaining the right of refusal over what people can do with their property. To boot they require payment for review in a process that has no appeal structure outside of the same organization.

I lived for 4 years in East Germany under totalitarian Marxism. The only excuse the DDR ever used was that the force and coercion was necessary for the good of man. The East Germans even called things people had to go and do (like harvesting crops outside of your job) coercively and forcibly in it’s early days as “voluntary”. To me this complex of having extra-legal requirements sounds like a version of the same thing in its’ early days.

If it really mattered, the measures you have to take under a LEED, the USGBC metrication method by which they can grade if you’ve pleased them, would simply be building code requirements. Not only that, they may deny the efforts you make to a point in certification for no cause, and there is no authority to appeal to, even though there are cities that have made their process a requirement under the law.

They are the greenie-movement equivalent of a paramilitary death squad with some roundabout protection of their powers under the law. Look closely and you’ll find much of the environmental movement having these powers over the population.

The forcable kind, but without the blood on their hands – the kind of power they like, the kind that says that you, not they, have to sacrifice your well being for the good of man. In this case, it comes at the cost of your money and effort when you try to put a roof over your head. For them, as most of the LEED cadre are in the compliance consulting business, they materially benefit from your pain, and don’t have to live with the shame of anyone even suggesting that there is a conflict of interest in that. Probably because those being made to comply are tacitly cast as the wealthy, venal, enemy in need of taking, and they’re the patricians forcing them to do things for the good of man

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