Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Town Hall Meeting Held by the Citizens of Beautiful Downtown Nowhere

At the G-20 Summit, purporting to about (showing) themselves to be deeply concerned about us, their data points, economists will be doing what they do best. Hitting the sauce and seeking the affirmation of the usual activist-types.. You’ve seen the type. Their groupie-like academic travels as a means to having a world-travelling lifestyle usually enjoyed by people who are successful and productive.

The main stimulus to the world economy forthcoming from the G-20 this week will be the stimulus to the wine industry, especially in France. An untold amount of fine wines will be consumed by preening and grand-standing world leaders admiring and lecturing one another without ever getting to the heart of economic problems.

Otherwise, very little of real import will be accomplished.
But they will all feel so “international”. Pfft. Get a job.

Otherwise the usual teenage girl dramas will continue as a way of convincing the world that certain nations remain relevant. Hint: it’s a nation or culture where the term “former glory” is a thrown around frequently. They are threatening to take their football and go home.
So why the threat? Sarkozy's chest-beating is clearly aimed at a domestic audience.
Big deal. So they call it the “G 19” which is a meaningless attempt to make everyone but the other 6 of the G-7 feel warm and fuzzy at a meaningless travelling circus of an international meeting. The only deference to “expressing an air of modesty” is to hold the meeting in London and not some place like Davos.

‚No pasarán' (sie werden nicht durch kommen)

Outside, of course, people who have never presented any alternative to the things they purport to want to smash (that is to say anything their parents found important, as well as capitalism,) will be stamping their feet, displaying their usual impotent rage, and showing that they have no alternative to it other than advocating miscellaneous features of Marxism. The protesters have always and still know nothing of its’ soul-sucking qualities, but will have one thing in common with the other jet-set groupies inside. They are trying to convince someone of the relevance of THEIR fatuous exercises – the idea that their affection for their cause makes them personally virtuous, exceptional, and intelligent – but in this case are employing the same culture of complaint that so many empty heads have employed over the decades.

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