Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Some individuals believe the movie Midnight Express is a love story.

I do not happen to be one of those individuals.

Certainly there will be changes to this exquisite bit coming out of Bruxelles, if not, good night and good luck:

British citizens could be convicted in their absence by foreign courts for traffic, credit card or other criminal offences under plans approved in principle by the European Parliament.

The proposals would allow citizens to be extradited automatically under fast-track procedures at the request of another European Union country on the basis of a decision by the foreign court.

Tim Worstall rather gets to the point on the matter:

Tried witout a jury, tried without defense. And all so that we can stop Germany from invading France again.

Not really all that good a deal really, is it?

Gosh, exactly why will the British government not hold a referendum on Lisbon? One would think the above would be a sure-fire vote getter.

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