Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Shirking their 'duty' to society?

Individuals are endlessly showered by hard-left statists about the "need" for ever more taxation and ever more government spending, all in the name of the vaguely defined nothingness of "social justice".

For a moment put yourself in the heavily-soiled Birkenstocks of our hard-left statist brothers and sisters. It is quite easy to do: turn off your rationality, your individuality, your thought processes, and become a sheep capable only of bleating emotive-based slogans which are devoid of logic and thought. One of your absolute key bleats will be about the "need" for "social justice". Central to his particular bleat:

"Everybody should contribute (ie. pay taxes) their fair share to ensure a just and civil society!" - Repeat ad nauseus.

Now, slowly ease out of the Birkenstocks and return to being a rational individual. As touched upon here and pointed out specifically today in the WSJ:

About 38% of U.S. households pay no income tax today.

The stat is indeed true and if memory serves correctly the next 12% in the food-chain "contributes" approximately 3% in income taxes to the "betterment" of society. The hardcore-leftists are always banging on about the "rich not paying their fair share in taxes". By "rich" of course the statists are bleating about those individuals who already pay millions/billions in to the coffers of government.

Something of a clue for the leftists when looking for those individuals not "paying their fair share for a just and civil society", start at the bottom and work your way up. Once you get the free-riders at the bottom "contributing" anything then we can talk about those already paying through the nose for the socialistic playthings "provided" to us all by your church, government.

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