Thursday, September 04, 2008

Every Democratic presidential nominee for president and vice president in the last seven elections has been a lawyer

On the Democratic side, Barack Obama got out of Harvard Law School, worked for a firm, offered his legal expertise as a community organizer and went into politics
writes Victor Davis Hanson in Want Real Change? Quit Nominating Lawyers!
Joe Biden graduated from law school and almost immediately ran for office.

In the Democratic primary, winner Obama, runner-up Hillary Clinton and third-place finisher John Edwards were all lawyers. In 2004, both Democratic nominees, John Kerry and Edwards, were lawyers. Al Gore, who ran in 2000, left law school without a degree and went into politics. His running mate, Joe Lieberman, was a Yale-trained lawyer. Mike Dukakis, the 1988 Democratic presidential nominee, was a Harvard-trained lawyer and ran with lawyer Lloyd Bentsen.

In fact, every Democratic presidential nominee for president and vice president in the last seven elections — except Gore who dropped out of law school to run for Congress — has been a lawyer.

…So, what's wrong with the Democratic nominee once again being a lawyer?

After all, legal minds are trained to think precisely and evaluate both sides of an issue.

The problem is that lawyers usually do not run companies, defend the country, lead people, build things, grow food or create capital.
To which one reader points out:
Lawyers are trained to be able to argue for whatever side is paying them and that truth is whatever they can convince people to believe. That makes them a perfect fit for the leftists who now dominate the Democrats. The left and the lawyers share the need for more and more of us to perceive ourselves as victims. The left long ago recognized that their only hope of implementing their agenda was with law made from the bench by sympathetic judges because even the increasingly ignorant public could not be convinced to implement it legislatively. the Ivy League law school bona fides also feeds the "we're smarter than you and know what's good for you" mindset of the left. All this and more has created the codependency between the lawyers and the left which threatens us all and bids us to remember the words of the Bard "First kill all the lawyers".

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