Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Magazine Pauper Doings

Speigel, like their transnational brethren of the one-trak Borg-like minds of most of the press did their bit for “the cause” by putting John McCain on the cover, especially airbrushed to look old and menacing. Title “the cold warrior” it scares it’s readership by suggesting that gasp that he might still win! Sounds like they would prefer that the election didn’t actually go to a vote.

As all politicians lend all manner of passion to the middle class and trying to convince people that they ARE middle class, the US press doesn’t seem to quite know what to do. They appear to be rather perplexed by the actual middle-class nature of Sarah Palin. The Union’s Local in London is much the same. Between stilted descriptions of the candidate and pandering to the press reports of her family’s travails, they read off opinions. All of them parrot stock lefty platitudes about her daughter, as if shocked that the conservatives in America would have the temerity to run a conservative.

Remember now, the mainstream press are of course, not biased. That an evening news viewer would know absolutlely nothing about

Sarah Palin’s husband had a DUI arrest when he was 22. The information came to light within a day, and filled the airwaves. At the same age, Obama used cocaine and is now the actual candidate and not a spouse was pretty well silenced, it was hushed. It was later cited as a reason we ourselves should all believe that anyone objecting to such a thing needed a high-colonic. But those defenses carried out by the press on behalf of a candidate, are of course, simply a matter of standards in reporting, as it’s still called that these days.
"They have a tradition of nominating fun, bantamweight cheerleaders from the West."

-Maureen Dowd, writing in

the New York Times

To do anything else would be called “swiftboating”. Unless you’re a leftist, and you get your campaign operatives to attack your opponent’s vice presidential candidate’s teenage daughter. That sort of treatment of birth, life and death appear to not be above somebodies’ pay grade.

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