Thursday, September 04, 2008

Back and to the left, Back and to the left...

One wonders how long it will take the fevered minds of the Left to find something (anything!) with which to criticize Sarah Palin's quite impressive debut at the GOP convention.

A leading possibility may just be a throwback to a previous hexagonal moonbat reality. Break out the Birkenstocks and adjust the tin-foil hat for the proper frequency, Sarah Palin was wired!

As they want you to see things:

Proof things are not always as they say. Enhanced for the common prole. What they do not want you to see:

While only rank speculation, one can assume the red is a hardwire to Cheney, the green is undoubtedly Rove, the pink is probably a compact receiver designed by the CIA. The other colour-coded anomolies are as yet unknown. Certainly they are links to the Rothchild's, Bilderberger's, and/or other assorted New World Order types.

Do note our moonbattery brothers and sisters will undoubtedly emphasize that while the above 'information' is not yet proven to be true, the key point is that the above information might be true.

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