Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Socialism of Pavlov’s Dog

DownEastBlog turns its’ gaze at Belgian socialist dingleberry Dirk Van der Maelen and his ilk. He’d like to see the US negotiate with the Taliban and al-Qaeda (as if there were a command structure that could commit their ‘cells’ to anything,) and thinks that sending a mere four Belgian fighter-bombers to Afghanistan is too much.

Remember, these were the Europeans who wanted more than anything to be involved, and not have the United States ‘go it alone’, and aver now that no war is winnable, unless you take into account their desire for the Taliban and al-Qaeda to win their wars.

"Now that George W. Bush sees the end of his term, he realizes all the more that he will enter history as the president who lost two wars (Iraq and Afghanistan). Hoping that American troop reinforcements can turn the tide in a lost cause, the US are pushing for more. But do we really want to go to Afghanistan to save the honour of Bush?


Therefore we plead to open the debate and, e.g., think about a bigger role for the UN. A greater UN-mandate directed at development and stabilization, reinforcement of the institutions... that is what the country needs. No poodle wagging his tail running after Bush without a thought, in the process wasting money which harms purchasing power or, worse, endangers the lives of soldiers and/or citizens."
He goes on to conflate the miserable 1.3% of their GNP that goes to the military, and mainly to pensions loaded into it at that, as the straw that’s breaking the Belgian camel’s back. Never mind the social boondoggles and near world record taxes... their budget deficit is George Bush’s fault. I wonder if anyone cares to remind him that two decades before Bush entered office, their dept was 2-1/2 times that same GNP, a proportion of debt to output five times greater than that of the United States.

Actually, they seem to be adapting pretty nicely.

Make no mistake about it, by channeling their hatred of the realities of conflict in the world at America, their desire to see express pacifism is a lie hiding behind a tacit desire to see the west suffer attack.
And now they are dead wrong in opposing the dispatching of a mere flight of four fighter bombers to Afghanistan to be deployed against islamic extremists of the worst possible kind - who just days ago blew up 80 marketgoers in the worst carnage since the country was liberated in 2001.

What do our moral betters from the SP.a propose then, apart from getting the UN involved? Well, as you probably know by now, Messrs. Claes, Vandenhove, Vandelanotte and Van der Maelen, to name but a few, are the co-authors of a pact between Belgium's so-called democratic parties to never talk or form coalitions with the
Vlaams Belang, Flanders' only truly conservative party. This situation is called the so-called cordon sanitaire. With regards to the Taliban, however, the gentlemen propose to hold talks with the "moderate ones" among them.
They consider the ¼ strength battalion they have doing what amounts to traffic control at the airport a huge sacrifice and support by the socialist, and yet the Belgian government wanting to commit four measly aircraft and crews is supposed to bring the rest of the world to tears for their commitment to global security.

DownEast concludes:
I get it. For socialists, talks with the VB are haram. Talks with the Taliban however are halal. You know what talks I prefer? I can't wait till those four F-16's start pounding Dirk Van der Maelens preferred speaking partners.
He can also ask them just how it is that his conversation and friendship could have averted 9-11 too. Vanderhofe encapsulates the ignorance of that world view perfectly.
If the government decides to commit our country and our soldiers to such a dangerous, lost war, it is only logical that this decision is explained as quickly as possible in Parliament. In addition, because of this engagement, Belgium will become more than ever the target of terrorist attacks."

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