Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Send Lawyers, Guns, and €

Much of EUtopia is a developmental backwater that can’t but help wag it’s finger at the world over some imaginary virtues that they pretend to report. Among them is some notion that they have no gun crime. As if to say that human nature was somehow different on their patch, and that they’re immune to theft, jealousy, hatred, and greed, they’ll joyously sneer at the US when they objectively know how much worse it is in Brazil, Venezuela, or even Russia and large parts of eastern Europe.

It’s what makes this kind of report add some cognitive dissonance to the way some are enamored with their precious little state religion of social protection:

A Beretta? A Taurus? In Brussels the number of weapons in circulation have tripled in five years! The prices!
Oh boy!
In Brussels, a clean, never used handgun sells for € 500 to € 2,000 for the most popular gauges. The Kalashnikov goes for 2,000 to € 2,500. Heavy weaponry (the basic type RPG-2 rocket launcher) can be ordered from € 3,000 to 3,500.
And a Beretta handgun, probably a 9mm is selling for € 2,000. A real rip-off if you tell me. Something only a criminal can afford. The honest people will likely have to opt for a cheap Brazilian Taurus, but then again, no American should talk. Most of our handguns come from European manufacturers anyway. The very same manufacturers are virtually barred from selling their own product in their own countries. But Hey, who are we to viciously make european employees redundant...
Without giving an address nor explain everything in detail, note that the process is already extremely convenient. The activity has always been closely connected with prostitution.
Which was legalized in order to “make safer”. In the land of superior social management and intervention, I though there was no need to be concerned with street crime? Which makes you wonder why prostitution had to be decriminalized to begin with.
A good place to start for those who want an illegal firearm is the Brussels railway stations of [the shabby] Gare du Nord and [newly rebuilt] Gare Midi. We saw yesterday many weapons stashed behind concrete slabs and false ceilings, in a search with the police.

They confirmed that they aren’t just sought out by crooks anymore.
Gee! I wonder why a non-criminal would need such a firearm?

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