Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hey, No Anxiety There!

There are times when I sit alone on my balcony by moonlight and gaze out over the fir trees toward the pastures, shrouded in mist and lost in the silence of a village forfeit in time, and I wonder if this is the world in which I was meant to be born.
From a self-absorbed, fevered Jew hating, American hating self-isolating mountain man to gangs of violent skanks, Eutopia's great “investment in people” is really paying off.
But even the most hardened officers were stunned as they arrived at the scene. The participants in what has become known as the battle of Chelles bus station were all girls aged between 14 and 17.
The Times of India calls this (toungue in cheek?) “The New French Revolution”
A recent battle at a Chelles bus station highlights the problem seen throughout French cities, Sunday Times reported. When police learnt that rival gangs were planning a showdown in Chelles, east of Paris, they prepared for the sort of violence that has become routine in France's troubled suburbs.
And with a society where that's increasingly normal, the likes of the “truth seeker” doesn't see any need to rethink his pet criticisms Europeans have of the rest of that world that they just don't understand. It's amazing that these culture-wide obsessions could go on for a century without more people noticing it and discussing it, especially in those superior “self-actualized” societies.

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