Saturday, March 01, 2008

Explaining Thanksgiving Christianity to the French

Le Salon Beige brings us us this status report on the decay and deorbiting of the that society of well educated "great thinkers":

A reader tells us of a visit to the Basilica of the Kings of France with his children, he was surprised by a book there titled "Journey of Discovery for young people"

On the one hand, on page 8 we find it says, "Dagobert, the first king buried in Saint-Denis." The first sentence of paragraph is "A contemporary of Muhammad, Dagobert is the king of the Franks from 629 to 639." On the other hand, on page 9, in a paragraph titled "Question", the first sentence is: "In the Bible it says that the angel Gabriel, the same people who brought the Koran to Mohammed, came one day announce to Mary, betrothed to Joseph, that she would soon have a son named Jesus. "

The booklet does not (yet) end with "a long, long time ago, the mosque in Saint-Denis was the
Basilica of the kings of France."

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