Sunday, February 24, 2008

If/when similar types of information shows up in the hands of the Russians, Chinese, no squirming if you approve of these sorts of tactics

Remember the
European Union panel [that had] serious doubts about the legality of a Bush administration program that monitors international financial transactions [and that planned] to recommend tighter controls to prevent privacy abuses?
asks Nosferateux. How dare the Americans?! How dare they act so frivolously and how dare they attempt to subvert democracy in that heinous manner?!

Well, it turns out it is all about double standards
A really easy test for those who approve of the British and German governmental tactics in "obtaining" this type of personal financial information on individuals: Would your reaction of "stick it to the man" and "right on brothers/sisters" be the same if "BushCo" was the one paying the tab for the very same information?

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